Thursday, May 18, 2006

Five things

I've been tagged by The Bold Soul. Here goes:

Five items in my fridge:

1. cheese, cheese and more cheese
2. a couple of bottles of sauvignon
3. strawberries
4. jars of indian curry
5. branston pickle

Five items in my closet:

1. about eight or nine vintage coats. I simply adore coats
2. gold lamé high heeled sandals
3. an extra box of new black converse chuck taylors
4. a Longchamp handbag
5. a few pairs of Levis jeans

Five items in my car:

Hey, wait a minute, I no longer own a car. Can I say what used to be in my car when I owned one? Let me see if I can remember

1. Discman and tape deck converter (it's been a long time since I've owned a car, I never actually had a real CD player in any car I've owned)
2. Spare quarters for parking meters
3. a pack of road maps of California
4. a water bottle
5. There were probably some things under the seat that I didn't know about

Five items in my purse:

1. cell phone
2. iPod
3. Paris Par Arrondissement
4. lip gloss
5. carte orange

Five people who are "it" now

I don't want to put anyone on the spot. If you feel like doing it, you can let me know afterward. It's actually quite fun.


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