Sunday, July 09, 2006

What I did on my teutonic vacation

A last minute decision to hop on a plane and visit family and friends in southern Germany led to some very summery activities such as bicycling to lakes in order to swim in them, taking breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors in the garden while swatting some very persistent mosquitos, watching some soccer (sorry, I mean football), going through a gallon of sunscreen in a week and BBQ-ing in the backyard:

Lunch in the garden with a view of the Alps:

Reading and napping under a grape covered trellis with a view of a beautiful garden and the mountains on both sides:

Stopping to smell the roses:

Backyard bbqs:

More swimming in lakes:

This lake has a section off to the side where people can swim and sunbathe nude. I didn't realize this until after I took this picture*

It was quite hot and humid, but then a huge thunderstorm came in the afternoon and broke the heat:

We watched the wind and rain howl while having afternoon kaffee und kuchen under the glass-covered cactus-filled porch:

Revitalized and refreshed, arriving early in the morning in drizzly Paris, La Page Allemande became La Page Française once again...

*Riddle me this, dear Reader: Why is it never the people you actually would want to see naked, who choose to go to nude beaches??


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