Friday, April 21, 2006

In April, don't uncover a single thread

It was warm in Paris yesterday evening. At least, I think it was warm. It could be deceiving. I just can't decide if I can take my scarf off or if I should leave it on. As soon as I walk out the apartment in a trenchcoat and cardigan underneath, I immediately notice that my hands and face are the same temperature as the air outside and that I don't immediately feel the need to shove my hands in my pockets. Moreover, it's impossible to tell what season it is by looking how much everyone on the street is bundled up. I pass a young guy in nothing but a t-shirt. Then I pass a shabby-chic girl in a handknit scarf and turtleneck sweater. I'm not sure what to think.

"I think that for the first time in months, I actually feel too warm, I shouldn't have worn a sweater today" I say to my friend C from Australia as we make our way through Montmartre to metro line 2 for kirs at Cafe Cannibale.

"Really? I'm kind of cold, I was thinking I should have worn a sweater," is her reply.

It's probably still cold, even if I'm sweating a bit.

In the end, we decide that it isn't too cold to enjoy our kirs on the terrasse of Cannibale, but we stay bundled up in our coats. April in Paris confuses me.


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