Sunday, April 02, 2006

This new media

Blogging is really a weird new form of communication. Especially when you come face to face at a blog meetup at a bar with several of the bloggers you read on a weekly basis. I'm still just getting used to it. It's kind of strange to be able to say to someone, oh hi, I just met you thirty seconds ago and even though you haven't volunteered this information to me personally, I know where you are from, how long you have been here, that you like to knit, and how was your housewarming party last saturday night? Oh and I recognized you right when you walked in, you look just like your photo.

Very strange indeed.

I'm still testing the waters on blogging, I'm still not quite sure what I am writing about, so that's why for the moment I'm still somewhat anonymous (except for those who were directed here from my myspace page), and I haven't actively been advertising my blog by leaving comments on other blogs, or joining a ring, etc. I would like to do that eventually but first I have to figure out exactly what I'm blogging about.

I was quite pleased though, to hear a couple of people, when I mentioned my blog name, tell me they enjoyed some of the posts I'd put up. I really don't know who, if anyone, reads this thing. Actually, I kind of prefer it that way, because maybe if I thought a lot of people were reading I would be more inclined to hold back.

I don't think I want to hold back.

Cela dit, it was very nice to meet other expat bloggers, and blog readers alike, and especially, to be able to put not just faces, but also voices, to words....


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