Monday, May 29, 2006


For some reason around the blogosphere today, I've noticed a handful of bloggers who have chosen to blog about their Memorial Day/ Ascension weekend. I will also recount my weekend, in all its sometimes mundane, sometimes glorious, glory.

Thursday morning: Sleep in, take dog for a spin around the block, stopping at bakery for morning croissants. (Eddie prefers the croissant ordinaire, also known as sans beurre, claiming that the croissants au beurre are too greasy. I could not disagree more.)

Thursday afternoon: Attempt spin on the roller blades with two expatriate friends on the Voie Georges Pompidou, which is closed off to traffic on Sundays and certain holidays. Come to the conclusion that I am just not cut out for roller blading. Limp to Breakfast in America in the Marais for an early dinner, all the while daydreaming about buying a bicycle. With a little basket in front for the Toutou.

Friday morning/afternoon: Wake up slightly early in order to catch the first showing of Da Vinci Code. Leave theatre feeling satisfied, the movie was what I expected it would be. Meet my friend Dina on the Champs, deem it warm enough for a
caramel beurre salé ice cream cone, eat it on a bench in the Jardin des Tuileries while watching two French people in their sixties making out passionately on the bench next to us. Hope that will be me in thirty years. Walk to the Louvre to see if it's possible to look down the inverted glass pyramid from the top. It is not, as that pyramid is on an island in the middle of the roundabout, enclosed by bushes.

Friday evening: Prepare tabbouleh salad with roasted veggies: green and red bell peppers, onions, zucchini and tomatoes. Watch season finales of both Lost and Desperate Housewives. Count number of months before start of season three for both. Cannot believe we must wait a whole summer before finding out what's up with those dudes in the Arctic.

Saturday morning: Sit around house reading newspapers. Liberation: paper copy from downstairs newstand. New York Times: online.

Saturday afternoon: Drag shopping caddy to the market. Greengrocer shoves sliver of delicious sweet melon in face. Cherries are on sale but do not buy any, deciding to wait a week or two, when they should be really ripe.

Saturday 6pm: Eddie suggests going to the late show of Marie-Antoinette at Place Clichy. Prepare myself double espresso.

Sunday very early morning: Leave theatre feeling vaguely unsatisfied. Did not dislike movie, thought it was beautiful to look at and an interesting idea, but something about it felt half-assed (can I say that in my blog?), as though Sofia Coppola had a good idea but was too afraid to take it as far as it could have and should have been taken. The music was a trip down memory lane though.

Sunday, two o'clock in the morning: The streets of Paris are bustling. There is a pleasant breeze in the air. Sit on the crowded patio at Corcoran's Irish Pub, amazed that it is warm enough to be able to have a drink outdoors in the middle of the night.

Sunday 10am: Surprise myself by waking up, assumed I would have slept even longer. Prepare breakfast burritos for brunch: eggs scrambled with onion and ground chili, served on a warm tortilla with grated cheddar cheese, salsa, chopped tomato, sliced avocado, creme fraiche and cilantro.

Sunday afternoon: Decide on impromptu walk to the flea markets. Eddie directs me to the most amazing bookstore in the middle of the St-Ouen market, where I find a book I have been looking for, that I saw in a bookstore in the city for 23 euros, for just ten euros. Rave about this intermittently throughout the rest of the day. Cannot for the life of me remember the name of the shop or the name of the street it was on to tell you, will just be able to find it again by memory.
Buy bracelet too.
Walk home along the Petite Ceinture, past the shared garden plots at Ruisseau. Take photos, which will be posted later in the week....


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