Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blogger's block

Don't know why but this week I've got a bit of "blogger's block". Maybe it has to do with the weather turning lovely again and wanting to sit out in the park instead of holed up in the living room tapping away on the laptop, or maybe my mind is churning with summer plans and all the things I want to do while the weather is nice: evening picnics, weekend trips to the beach, day trips to the lake, renting a rowboat at the Bois, downing as much Berthillon as possible, and of course, the inevitable influx of visitors. I actually had a bout of insomnia the other night, which is odd because I never ever have insomnia, but I attribute it to both a full brain and the fact that it is getting lighter earlier and that messes me up a bit. Insomnia can sometimes be a blessing, as I learned while taking advantage of being awake at 3am to talk to friends on MSN who are normally only online in the late afternoon in California, and then taking a five am stroll up to Montmartre with the baffled dog (who is not accustomed to being taken out by her owner at such an ungodly hour).

Montmartre was calm and empty, I have never seen the art market on the Place de Tertre with absolutely nobody in it. It's probably the only time in my life I've walked through that place without being badgered by at least three of those artists who sketch portraits for tourists. The streets were empty too, with only a light on in the back of the bakeries for the baker baking bread for the morning rush of people, and a few waiters in locked cafes beginning to take chairs off of tables. It was a very pleasant temperature, warmish with a cool snap. Up at Sacré-Coeur, the city of Paris was lit from the east in soft pink light. There was no one around except for some early birds walking dogs and one woman photographing the cathedral. I also noticed tons of pigeons everywhere. I wasn't sure if there were more pigeons than usual, or if it was just because there weren't any people around that it seemed like there were a lot of them. I was kicking myself for not having brought my camera in order to take some pictures of Paris in this quiet hour to post on the blog, since it most likely will be quite a long time before I'm ever out and about at that hour again. But then I decided, well, perhaps that moment was mine, and perhaps you will just have to come to Paris and take a morning walk to have your own moment.

So anyway, blogger's block. I'd like to instead refer to some posts of other Parisian bloggers who posted entries that I was delighted by and in some instances, could relate to:

-Mrs B in Paris has posted a five-part guide for tourists visiting Paris that is very comprehensive, which I will be referring to my influx of summer visitors as required reading.

-Etienne Marcel mentioned a restaurant with a four course vegetarian menu in the 20th arrondissement. I am so there.

-Maitresse wrote about reverse culture shock when returning to the US for a visit. I love these and am looking forward to my next visit to the US so I can compose my own list.

-Catty at Paris is an Old Dog has a nice anecdote about why she loves the south of France and a trip she took there with her former Frenchie a few years ago.

-Finally, I love this new blog, Paris Breakfasts, which is all about cafes in Paris with a few nice watercolors thrown in for good measure.

Some more posts will be churned out in a few days, but for now, the sun is shining, and I'm off to go sit on a bench in the park with a book and the ipod....


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