Tuesday, January 24, 2006


After a big gung-ho back in October about starting a blog, I now haven't written in over three months. Hmm.

It's been kind of a crazy few months, what with the holidays and traveling and all. Finding a pumpkin to carve in Paris, which took us on a goose chase to the Carrefour in Saint Denis just days before the riots began in that 'hood. Then I think the entire month of November was spent obsessing about what vegetarian dishes to serve on Thanksgiving, where to buy Ocean Spray cranberry sauce in Paris, and corresponding with Eddie's mother who very generously mailed us cornbread mix and Stovetop stuffing from Canada. Early December I was invited to a traditional German Christmas cookie baking party, and then Christmas eve was celebrated with a walk in the Bois de Boulogne followed by the traditional Reveillon late night supper of fois gras, oysters, a dark bread served with oysters called seigle, poached lobster, and about six of the traditional thirteen desserts of the Reveillon from Provence. Christmas day my sweet hubby baked me a stuffed guinea hen despite his vegetarian self not having any, and we had a Buche de Noel christmas cake for dessert. I am still full. Then it was down to snowy Germany for a few days, and back to Paris on a six am flight New Years eve morning, in time for a New Years celebration at a friend's tiny studio in the Latin Quarter. So yeah, it was a bit crazy for a minute there.

But things are calm now, in this chilly month of January filled with rest, detox diets, christmas bills etc, so I hope I am back in action....


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