Monday, June 12, 2006

Beep Beep

When I was a car owner, nothing annoyed me more easily than the car in front of me gently swerving from left to right, going five miles an hour, not paying attention to the road and narrowly missing the bus pulling out from the stop, who would honk angrily. A glance through their windshield as I put on my blinker and sped up momentarily to pass them almost inevitably proved that they had a cell phone glued to their ear, oblivious to the fact that they were steering a few tons of metal down Wilshire Blvd in the afternoon rush.

I no longer drive, but now whenever I'm trying to make my way along the crowded sidewalk on the rue de Rivoli (a difficult feat, as you most certainly know if you've ever gone shopping on Rivoli), someone will unexpectedly make a large swerving left turn out of the Zara and cut into my pedestrian lane without checking over their shoulder, then proceed to gently swerve from left to right while going five feet an hour, forcing me to calculate their next move so I can momentarily speed up to pass on the left, without crashing into oncoming shoppers. Almost inevitably, they are chatting blissfully ignorantly away on a cell phone.

I think politicians should be doing something about this, and leaving the internet neutral...


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