Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's so african about it?

After a few rounds on the ice rink in front of Hotel de Ville on on a beautiful, sunny yet crisp Wednesday:

...trying mostly unsuccessfully not to knock down or be knocked down by randy French youth, followed by a leisurely stroll through the Tuileries...

45115643_269490da31_m-1 order to bypass the soldes, we stopped into Angelina's for their infamous chocolat africain:


Say what you will about Angelina's, it may be tourist destination central, but hot damn, that is some good stuff. I only went for the first time two weeks ago with my friend Debbie from Florida, and we were already back yesterday, despite our vows that we were all hot chocolated-out from the last visit. We figured we could afford the calories after our battle on the ice. I know a couple who went two times in a four day trip to Paris, and this was my second time in four years. Oh well.

That whipped cream by the way, that is real cream that has been whipped, and no sugar added. Ummm...Take that, Cool Whip..

Debbie and her husband got a new car on Tuesday, an automatic, so I foresee some day trips to the forest with the dog in our future...


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